Everyday Care CBD Products

5 popular everyday CBD uses

Managing anxiety – In our lives, we may experience stress in our work and in our relationships. Anxiety is the result of high stress levels. In several studies, CBD has been shown to help reduce the sensations of anxiety, allowing the user to relax. 

Improving mental focus and clarity – In people with attention deficit disorders like ADHD, cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to help the mind focus. Even for people without an attention disorder, a busy day can lead to jumbled thoughts. CBD’s benefits in this arena are well known, and it is an ideal way to help improve focus and clarity. 

Promoting healthy skin – CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are great in helping to reduce redness and irritation in the skin of the hands, face, and body.  CBD is also an effective antioxidant compound, which reduces the free radicals that can lead to premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. In fact, CBD may be even more effective as an anti-aging method than vitamins C and E. These products are so gentle that it can be used every day for a radiant, youthful appearance.

Improving digestion and reducing nausea – CBD has been demonstrated to stimulate the appetite while curtailing the unpleasant effects of nausea. For those with digestive upsets, or patients experiencing the side effects of certain cancer treatments, CBD’s effects can be incredibly beneficial. For everyday use, oral tinctures or CBD edibles are a convenient way to support healthy digestive function. 

Reducing pain – CBD is well-known and relatively well studied regarding its ability to fight chronic pain. Topical CBD oils and creams can be used to treat everyday injuries, such as skin abrasions, burns, or wherever soreness manifests itself. CBD also helps to reduce inflammation associated with bug bites and stings – just gently rub the topical cream on the affected area for fast relief. 


Tinctures are the hemp industry’s most commonly used CBD products but not all tinctures are created equal. It’s not only our amazing flavor profiles we only use the best organic ingredients like organic hemp seed oil, organic essential oils, organic MCT oils and a proprietary blend of THC free broad spectrumhemp extract combined with polysaccharides from organic aloe to increase absorption and bio availability. We offer Orange, Strawberry and Peppermint in 250mg/500mg/1000mg/1500mg

Enhanced Tinctures

Our next generation CBD tinctures feature the same quality THC free broad spectrum phytocannabinoid rich  Hemp Plant Extract Matrix (HPEM) as our tinctures. The tinctures are further enhanced with our proprietary terpene blends to guide the final product towards specific desired benefits. We offer Restful (sleep), Focus and Relax formulas.


Our Gummies feature our THC Free broad spectrum phytocannabinoid rich Hemp Plant Extract Matrix (HPEM).  We carefully control every part of the manufacturing process to ensure quality, consistency and potency. We offer Vegan gummies that are 20mg each giving you 600mg in every jar!