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About us

As a Doctor, I care about each and every human life, doing all that I can to provide a pain-free lifestyle for those in need. When I set up my practices I always had the patient’s needs at the top of the list, making sure they got the very best I could offer. Along with my services I have found that nature has a few remedies of its own. I have always had an interest in the power of what nature has to offer, one of those offerings is of course hemp.

Our CBD is a very powerful supplement from the hemp plant that has offered many people some awesome health benefits. As with any supplement, we can not go out and say it cures everything as the FDA has its rules. However, for me, I have seen it first-hand offer help to many people that suffer from acute and chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, phycological conditions, and so on.  Every day in my clinics I am told stories of how these products have changed lives.  In fact, it really gives life back to those who have suffered so long with chronic problems.  Chronic anxiety is a debilitating condition that so many people suffer with.  It becomes a revolving condition that feeds on itself.  For many people, daily medication is necessary just to function and get through the day.  I have had countless people tell me they cannot believe how much my products have changed there life.

Although Marijuana is one type of cannabis plant there are other that offer health benefits.  The hemp plant has been well known for its anti-inflammatory effects for a very long time.  In fact, hemp seed is considered paleo and part of the paleo diet, but so is hemp oil that you can buy at the grocery store.  We took this basic knowledge of hemp and expanded upon it to create our products from a proprietary hemp plant that produces a full-spectrum CBD or cannabidiol oil which has all the medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer with no drugs.

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